July 13, 2020


MedicalClaimsHelp.org assists policy holders regardless of their ability to pay. We serve everyone who calls that we can help. That's our commitment. We do not want money to be an obstacle to people getting the help they need with proper claims payment.
Without funding to cover our expenses, however, we could not be here. About one-third of our budget comes from gifts from patients, their families and friends. These gifts – generous according to the donor's capacity to give – are what make our work possible. Donations are why we can be here to help when we are needed. We leave it up to your discretion.
Thank you.  
Patrick C. Shea
Director, MedicalClaimsHelp.org                                                                             

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 And while we're on the subject of donations, Chicago native Steve Ferkau is 48-years-old. He has lived with cystic fibrosis his entire life. A donation changes Steve's life 8 years ago.