July 13, 2020



We understand paying healthcare claims can be confusing and frustrating. MedicalClaimsHelp has the knowlege and experience that can help you sort through the paperwork. We can assist patients who have a one-time episode of care or have a chronic condition. 

Ongoing assistance to patients who have numerous year round medical bills. We work with you to help you understand your specific situation to determine what (if any) claims should be paid.  

  • Health insurance bad faith consulting and expert witness litigation
  • Tracking, organizing and filing medical claims.
  • Denied claims appeals
  • Claim or medical bill audits
  • Negotiating bill payments
  • Negotiate a price for your medical care prior to receiving services
  •  Negotiating charges for services that generally aren't covered by health insurance, such as gastric bypass surgery
  •  Any other health insurance related problem that requires advice or advocacy

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A Few Real Life Examples of Our Advocacy

Example 1: Our client was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Soon, the paperwork including bills, requests for information and claim denials began to accumulate. 
Resolved: All medical paperwork was forwarded to MedicalClaimsHelp. We reviewed bills, appealed denied claims, followed up on insurance request for medical records, and keeps a record of payments and deductibles.
Example 2: A patient's insurance company denied an $18,000 claim as pre-existing. 
Resolved: We investigated and uncovered that the language of the health insurance application and the contract of insurance conflicted. We appealed on this basius and the denials were overturned and all claims paid.
Example 3: Our client was uninsured and incurred $50,000 in medical bills due to an accident. 
Resolved: MedicalClaimsHelp investigated and found other insurance was responsible for the bills due to unsafe coditions on the accident site. 

The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing on Anthem Blue Cross  premium increases in 2010. Proposed increases by as much as 39% took the spotlight while a number of other insurance claim problems (as well as Ms. Braly's salary) were also discussed. This type of grilling is nothing new to these health insurance execs. It phases them not at all as evidenced above.